Hydrogen Council

Energy Association


It is the first hydrogen energy association of leading energy, industrial and public companies of Ukraine joined by common effort and understanding of the necessity of: integration of modern renewable energy technologies into the Ukrainian economic model, modernization of the energy complex of Ukraine and implementation of stable development for the global transition to renewable hydrogen energy resources.


"To ensure further world technical progress, economic development and rehabilitation of the world ecology, we need step-by-step surrender of the traditional mineral energy resources by increasing the share of renewable hydrogen sources in the global energy system. Understanding the world energy trends and the social ecological responsibility of business I invite you to support modern energy revolution and to join the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council.

Oleksandr Riepkin

The main aims of program of the Council "HYDROGEN TO UKRAINE"

Interaction with the international energy and information organizations to involve the energy complex of Ukrainian in the modern global energy dialogue. Organization of the international energy forums and summits.


Presentation and support of existing hydrogen energy technologies in Ukraine and the world.


Attraction of investments to Ukrainian and the international hydrogen energy projects.


Modernization of the legal environment in Ukraine and integration of legislative norms into international energy standards.


To make renewable and hydrogen energy technologies available to communities through the support of energy saving programs and energy decentralization.

Hydrogen Technologies is a Source of Infinite Energy of Modern Ukraine"

Water is an infinite primary energy resource. Hydrogen energy, green and renewable.

The possibility of application of hydrogen energy in private, municipal and industrial sectors.

Hydrogen energy is environment friendly.

The introduction of hydrogen energy will joint Ukraine to the world's leading energy community and form the image of the high-technology state.

Combined hydrogen and renewable energy generators will provide balanced and stable development of the energy complex.

Unlimited potential of hydrogen energy introduction and use of hydrogen in the combined power systems is the prospect of development of energy complex of the state. Experts and members of the Hydrogen Council accumulate and analyze the best world hydrogen energy practices and innovative developments of the Ukrainian scientists for their further application in energy models.

According to the estimation of the International Hydrogen Council, by 2050 hydrogen energy will represent 20 percent of the total world energy production.

Members of the Association